Technology @ MCS





(POE)                                                                                                                                            (1 Credit)

Mr. Gray                                                                                                                                        Room B-2


Prerequisites: Design & Drawing for Production, Materials Processing and Production Systems


Scope: Principles of Engineering is a 1 credit, 40-week advanced course, intended for the student interested in the Engineering field.  This course will provide you with advanced knowledge about the fields of Engineering and Technology.  The relationships between Science, Technology, and Engineering will be studied through the use of case studies. The case study approach will allow you to solve problems using the same techniques used by Engineering firms. Some projects will be on the individual basis, with larger projects in small groups.  All students are required to obtain an Internet e-mail account, and also will be required to solicit sponsor funding for projects. All students are required to attend the annual Technopalooza event in June 2007. Field trips will include a visit to an Engineering firm and Engineering College. 


Textbook:  Engineering: Principles and Practices


Career Possibilities:  Architect / Civil Engineer / Mechanical Engineer / Draftsman


Course Content:  Case studies will concentrate on the following five areas: 



                    Mechanical systems



                    Radio & Computer Control


Classwork:  Because this is a hands-on class, homework will not be given on a regular basis, but each student will be required to complete short-term and long-term projects.  Grading criteria will be discussed for each project. Each project will be require you to complete a Design Analysis which would include details regarding your findings as well as any drawings and or design that is completed.


Grading:     A detailed grading rubric will be completed for each project turned in.  All project work must be handed in on time and successfully completed for full credit.


Notebooks:   It is required that you keep a daily notebook (a three-ring style preferred), for notes and handouts. The binder will become a portfolio of your work at the completion of the class, and will count for a MAJOR portion of your final average.